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--- December 2009 ---

{] Mon 21st - NEWS - Merry Christmas [}

I've managed to arrange a lovely long festive holiday with my folks so I'll be back to my blog in the New Year.

Merry Christmas

--- November 2009 ---

{] Wed 4th - THEME - Winter Weddings Continued [}

metal rings

Continuing with the theme of white winter weddings, this entry provides general advice on choosing accessories to suit a classic white dress.

The initial choice of silver or gold coloured metalwork for your jewellery will usually depend on the colour of your engagement ring/wedding band. If this isn't a major concern then my general advice would be to stick with silver or other white metals against cool white. The warm tones of yellow gold are better against ivory, cream and champagne gowns.

The next step is to decide whether you'd like to sparkle on your big day or avoid the bling in favour of something else.


If glitter just isn't you then pearls represent a chic and timeless alternative. A single strand of white pearls is simple and elegant but remember that you can also create a less 'formal' look by playing around with the number of strands that you wear, as well as the length of the strands and the size and shape of the pearls. Real cultured pearls are now available in a variety of shapes including coins and squares, in sizes up to half an inch or more. Note that all natural white pearls have a 'lustre' which may give off slight creamy tones; they should still look fabulous with a pure white gown but just be aware that some pearls are creamier than others. Faux pearls - particularly plastic and glass based ones - may be whiter but some might argue that seeking a very white shade will only highlight the fact that they are false.

In summer you could opt to accessorize with a huge variety of real or artificial white flowers, either in your hair or perhaps pinned at the wrist, waist or hip as a corsage. In winter you still have the option of artificial blooms but it would be wise to avoid looking too 'out of season'.

Winter Flowers

If sparkle is for you then take a look at the options outlined below.

Diamonds - If you have the cash then go for it! Nothing beats the brilliance of a real diamond and precious jewellery makes for a long lasting momento of the big day. If this is beyond your budget or you need to find affordable accessories to match a diamond piece then read on.

White topaz or clear crystal (rock) quartz - Stones or beads made out of these materials are beautifully clear and have a wonderful sparkle, but they are not usually as highly faceted as something like diamond. Rock quartz is also available in smooth tumbled shapes. The use of these organic forms and roughly faceted beads can give a natural modern look to your jewellery.

White moonstone - Usually set into silver, this has a soft milky glow.

Cubic zirconia - This is a man made diamond simulant. When set into sterling silver or white gold, this an excellent option for creating the look of diamonds in platinum. I also like to use cubic zirconia in bead form as it has a slightly different sparkle to Swarovski crystal.

Opalite - This is a synthetic white (glass) stone with a pure 'blue-white' colour which is just fabulous against tanned/olive skin.

Crystal - Swarovski make the best crystal components on the market. They have a glorious sparkle for an affordable price and I use them more than anything else in my jewellery. They are often used on gowns and as such you may be able to tie your jewellery in with your dress exactly. Cheaper crystals and glass beads can also be used to reduce costs. The best Swarovski shades to suit a white dress are as follows:

Swarovski crystals

Finally, what options are there if you want to make a real statement? Don't be afraid of introducing some colour into your accessories. Blue is always an option but you could consider choosing a shade from your wedding palette. I would only pick one and it may be wise to 'water down' a really strong colour. For example, if you had deep purple and silver as the main colours for your wedding, you could consider having a deep purple sash on your white gown and adding soft purple earrings to complete the look.

* * * *

{] Mon 2nd - NEWS - WowTiaras Redesigned [}

As you can see WowTiaras has got a fresh new design including a new blog to let you know all the latest as well as giving you some fresh ideas. Happy reading and don't forget to get in touch and tell us what you think about the new web page.

--- October 2009 ---

{] Wed 28th - THEME - Winter Weddings [}

Whilst the general gloom of winter may not at first appear to provide a great deal of inspiration, take a moment to consider the beauty of a crisp white snowfall or silvered branches shimmering with frost, a delicate snowflake or a sparkling icicle. All of these elements can be incorporated into your wedding day look.

blue earings

A pristine white gown is wonderful against an icy backdrop and is perfectly set off by glittering silver accessories. Brighten the look with splashes of soft or icy blue - the ideal opportunity to take your traditional 'something blue' to a whole new level.

Tiny stones are reminiscent of frost and their sparkle will help to brighten even the darkest of days. Swarovski crystals really come into their own under artificial light and flash brilliantly in candlelight.

Lace Jacket

Mottled blue skin and goosebumps can be avoided (or at least covered up!) with the addition of a beautiful bolero or wrap. Thick lace or silk will provide some warmth but for prolonged outdoor photo sessions you may be better with fur.

Vintage Necklace

Cooler temperatures mean that sumptuous dress fabrics such as heavy satins, velvets and brocades, with or without a rich lace overlay, are a great choice. Dainty necklaces and tiny earrings which look light and fresh in the spring may be entirely lost against these types of gown - go for bold with layered pearls and gem encrusted antique pieces.

shoe clips

Puddles and slippery walkways mean that towering heels are a dangerous choice. Ballet pumps will keep your feet warmer and drier and may just help you to avoid breaking your neck! They can be lifted from the everyday by the addition of some gorgeous shoe clips.

For a warming winter palette try rich ivory accented with a jewel tone such as deep red, forest green, purple or midnight blue. Gold touches are particularly festive.

Finally, if you'd simply like a nod to the winter season, why not try a cluster of snowflake inspired hairpins?

snow flake

--- September 2009 ---

{] Mon 28th September - FEEDBACK - Lace Wedding Jacket [}

lace wedding jacket

"Hi Susan! I just wanted to let you know how ecstatic I was with the jacket you made me. Thank you so so much! It was gorgeous and it matched the dress perfectly. I got so many compliments on it. And thank you for getting it to me so quickly."

Congratulations to Mrs J who was recently married.

* * * *

{] Tue 22nd September - FEEDBACK - Tiara Headband [}

wedding tiara headband

"I just wanted to say thank you again, Susan, the headpiece ended up matching my dress and jewelry perfectly!"

Congratulations to Mrs S who was recently married.

* * * *

{] Mon 21st September - FEEDBACK - Silver Wedding Veil [}

tiara veil

"Susan, The piece you made for me was perfect and beautiful and I thank you a million times."

Congratulations to Mrs L who was recently married.


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