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--- December 2010 ---

{] Wed 1st - Tiaras and Bridal Jewellery for 2011 [}

Christmas is usually a somewhat quieter time for many wedding suppliers, and whilst this may leave some twiddling their thumbs, I intend to keep myself busy dreaming up a whole load of new designs for 2011. I haven't been able to do much designing lately as my husband and I just relocated to Macau and we're still adjusting to a very different culture. My Etsy shop has been closed over the move period, but it should re-open very soon and I have big plans for all the special one-of-a-kind Wow Tiaras pieces I can create with my newly found oriental goodies!

So watch this space and enjoy the festive season!

Tiara and wedding jewellry for 2011

--- August 2010 ---

{] Mon 9th - Exclusive Tiaras and Jewellery now stocked in local designer shop [}

I am pleased to announce that an exclusive selection of my tiaras, bracelets and earrings are now being sold at a local specialist retailer called MADE (see example images below). If you are looking for bridal jewellery with a contemporary unique feel and a personal touch then you must visit this amazing shop in Cirencester. MADE - which stands for Makers And Designers Emporium - is based in the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds and offers a whole host of wonderful and original hand made items. If you're in the area why not pay them a visit and see my work first hand because if you see my feedback some people say that pictures do my work no justice!

- Susan, I can not thank you enough for this most stunning and elegant cuff bracelet for my wedding day. The phots (although good) does not do this bracelet justice. When i received it and unwrapped the gift box, i was blown away with its beauty. I will be feeling very special on my special day. Thank you x - Erenell

- Susan, The mantilla comb is more beautiful than I expected it to be. Even my fiance thought it was stunning and I never get much of a reaction from him! Thank you for the timely order. I can't wait to wear it on my wedding day. - Janet

- Amazing!!! This bolero is more beautiful than in the pictures. It fits me perfectly and matches my wedding dress perfectly! The material is superb and the lace is really beautiful. Thanks a lot. I will surely buy other things for my wedding from your Etsy store. - Maria

Tiara and wedding jewellry selection

* * * *

{] Thu 5th - Wow Tiaras bridal jewellery featured in the latest 'Brides' Magazine [}

Tiara Flash! You can now see some of my wedding jewellery in the most recent published issue of Brides magazine. The UK's leading Bridal Magazine has featured some of my latest jewellery designs on pg 202: The Renee Necklace and Renee Tiara.

--- July 2010 ---

{] Tue 27th - New Tiaras and Bridal Jewellery Images in the Gallery! [}

wedding jewelry - amazing tiara wedding jewelry accessory - necklace wedding jewelry head dress - earring wedding jewelry accessory - earring

New Tiaras and Wedding Jewellery Sets are regularly updated to my gallery, so be sure to visit regularly! My bridal accessories are always original and I'm very interested to find out what styles people like the best so please send me an email with any of your views, I would love to hear your feedback. Above are some examples of my latest hand made pieces and although they are designed with the bride in mind, I'm sure you could find an excuse to wear them at your next prom, ball or formal dress occasion!

* * * *

{] Sun 4th - Wedding Jewellery competition winner [}

Wow Tiaras is pleased to Congratulate Ena Lynne from Boston, Lincolnshire, who won our Wedding Jewellery - Sale of the Century $100 prize. I am really pleased to have more than 100 sales via Etsy and giving something back to my precious customers was a great way to celebrate and mark this milestone. I hope that my bridal tiaras and wedding jewellery business will continue to be appreciated and go from strength to strength. See some of my feedback below or see them all here.

- Seller was very helpful! Product came quickly and was packaged nicely. Would purchase from again :)

- Absolute stunner! Even better in person. Gorgeous craftsmanship. Fast, secure international shipping. I'm so glad I ordered this.

- Amazing!!! This bolero is more beautiful than in the pictures. It fits me perfectly and matches my wedding dress perfectly! The material is superb and the lace is really beautiful. Thanks a lot.

- I love my hair comb & I'm going to pass it down to my daughter. I can't wait to wear it on my wedding day. Thank you Susan!

- OMG, its even better in person that the pictures, if thats possible. thank you so much. i am so excited to wear this on my day!

--- June 2010 ---

{] Tue 15th - Bridal Hair Flower Sale [}

Looking at all the lush greenery outside my window, I think it's safe to say that spring has most definitely sprung. With that in mind, I thought it would be a fantastic time to have an amazing 'Spring Blooms' sale over on my Etsy shop. I have loads of bridal silk hair flowers which can also be mounted on a brooch pin if you'd like to add them to your dress, bag etc. These flowers are one of a kind - so snap them up quickly! Don't forget, though, that if you're after a custom designed bridal hair flower then I can hand make one especially for you - just drop me a line.

Wedding Tiara Hair Flower

{] Sat 5th - Wedding Jewellery sale of the Century! [}

Tiaras and Wedding Accessory sales on my International Etsy shop are almost at the century milestone! I'm very excited to be close to this 100 sale mark and proud that my feedback is still 100% positive. I have really enjoyed working with the worldwide Etsy community and think it is a great way to sell unique hand made art. I also feel it's important to mark this milestone with a little thank you to my lovely customers. For that reason I'm running a 'Sale of the Century' promotion. The one hundredth Etsy customer will receive a voucher for $100 (Sales on Etsy are priced in Dollars) off their next purchase... Good Luck!

wedding tiara close up

--- May 2010 ---

{] Mon 31st - COLOUR SCHEMES - Bridal jewellery to suit a Cream/Champagne Dress[}

Continuing my series on how best to choose wedding accessories to suit the colour of your gown, this blog entry will look at cream and champagne gowns.

If you have white gold or platinum rings then you may well want to stick to white/silver metalwork for the rest of your jewellery. This will be fine next to your dress but you may want to steer clear of too much bright new silver work. Vintage silver pieces look great next to creamy coloured gowns as the dresses themselves often have a vintage feel. Champagne coloured or aged gold metalwork is lovely next to champagne fabric, and don't discount antiqued brass - which has a lovely bronze look - for something like a headdress.

bridal tiara comb - Champagne Tiara

Cultured and freshwater pearls come in natural shades of cream and champagne, or for a smaller budget Swarovski produce crystal pearls in shades of cream, creamrose (which has just the slightest hint of pink), light gold, powder almond (minky) and platinum.

Fresh or artificial flowers in all sorts of natural creamy/yellow/peachy/soft pink shades will work well in your hair or as a corsage.

In addition to jewellery decorated with clear stones you might want to consider the following -
Champagne quartz
Lemon quartz
Cubic zirconia in champagne or jonquil

Finally, if you are trying to match swarovski crystal colours to your gown then the following are some perfect choices -

Crystals Used for Wedding Jewelry Sets

* * * *

{] Wed 5th - Tiaras and Wedding Jewellery on YouTube and Flicker [}

Our Bridal Tiaras and Wedding Jewellery Sets can now be viewed on YouTube and Flicker.

--- April 2010 ---

{] Mon 26th - New Images in the Gallery! [}

bridal jewelry accessories - earring bridal jewelry accessories - tiara bridal jewelry - tiara bridal jewelry accessories - tiara bridal jewelry accessories - earring

If you are looking for new inspiration keep a close eye on my gallery. I have been busy taking photos of all my latest bridal tiaras, necklaces, earrings and wedding jewellery sets. I'm very keen to find out what styles of wedding jewellery people prefer so please send me an email if there is a particular style or design of bridal jewellery you like best. Below are some examples of my latest photos... more will arrive over the next few weeks.

* * * *

{] Fri 23rd - Another happy customer! [}

"I just received the necklace. Thank you so much! It is stunning. I really, really love it and cannot wait to wear it. You are very talented.

Thanks again!


bridal jewelry accessories - necklace

{] Thu 22nd - Tiaras & bridal jewellery from international sister site [}

A variety of my ready made tiaras, earrings and other bridal accessories have been listed and are directly available for shipping from my sister website Indulgence Couture. Please note that all items are hand made in my studio and shipped from the UK, however, prices are listed in dollars. If you don't want to pay by Pay Pal then please feel free to contact me to make alternative arrangements.

* * * *

{] Tue 13th - Tropical/Destination weddings [}

Getting married in an exotic setting presents several options for wedding day style.

Brightly coloured dresses and accessories look fabulous against white sands and blue seas - remember that you don't have to stick to ivory (I myself tied the knot on a South African beach in an azure blue gown and I can heartily recommend it!). Bridesmaids will appreciate soft relaxed pieces in summery colours that they can enjoy wearing again after the big day.

tropical bridal jewelry accessories - earrings

A pared-back natural look can be achieved with the addition of flowers to loose mussed up hair, or organic jewellery made with mother of pearl or shell pieces, hand formed metal and rough-hewn semi precious stones.

tropical bridal jewelry accessories - tiara

Alternatively you may wish to add a touch of glamour to a simple flowing gown with a lavish layered necklace, decadent earrings or a richly decorated cuff bracelet.

tropical bridal jewelry accessories - tiara and earrings

Finally, you might want to consider taking inspiration from local cultural practices. Perhaps a certain motif or colour, or even a traditionally styled piece of jewellery. (The image above is courtesy of one of my beautiful brides Andrea).

* * * *

--- March 2010 ---

{] Fri 5th - Latest Work [}

Some examples of work I have been concentrating on over the last few weeks. There will be updates to my gallery over the next few weeks, enjoy...

Bridal Jewelry - Special Wedding Tiara

Victorian Tiara - Sparkling Wedding Jewelry

Tiara - Rambling Rose Wedding Tiara

--- January 2010 ---

{] Sat 23rd - COLOUR SCHEMES - Choosing Jewellery to suit an Ivory Dress[}

Continuing my series on how best to choose accessories to suit the colour of your gown, this blog entry will look at the most popular choice of all - ivory.

As mentioned before, the initial choice of silver or gold coloured metalwork for your jewellery will usually depend on the colour of your engagement ring/wedding band. Silver and gold work equally well against ivory, although it might be said that champagne or gold wiring would be a better choice for gowns at the richer, creamier end of the spectrum.

Cultured and freshwater pearls in natural shades of ivory, cream and champagne are a perfect choice, and if your budget is a little smaller then Swarovski produce crystal pearls in shades of ivory, cream, creamrose (which has just the slightest hint of pink) and light gold.

If you'd like to wear flowers in your hair there are loads of off-white, pale buttery yellow, peachy yellow or soft blush pink blossoms to choose from.

Clear stones - in the form of diamond, topaz or cubic zirconia - will look fabulous, but don't discount the following colourful alternatives.

Champagne quartz
Lemon quartz
Pineapple quartz
Champagne cubic zirconia
Swarovski crystal

Crystals Used for Wedding Jewelry Sets

Finally, you can of course choose any colour and make a real statement with it as ivory complements just about every colour you can imagine! If you do decide to combine ivory with pale pastel toned accessories though I would advise livening things up with some small hints of a stronger shade of the same colour.

* * * *

{] Sun 10th - THEMES - Choosing Jewellery to suit a Celtic Wedding [}

Happy New Year!

My white Christmas in Scotland got me thinking about just how beautiful my birth place is and with that in mind, I thought it might be nice to start the year off with some advice on accessorizing a celtic wedding.

There is an abundance of celtic knotwork jewellery on the net and whilst it can be very beautiful it can also be a little bit heavy and solid looking. A silver tiara formed of intertwining strands which drop onto the forehead would be lovely with a long sleeved gown for a natural wedding, but be careful that it doesn't stray too far towards 'Lord of the Rings' territory (unless that is what you intend of course!).

If you need something more delicate to team with your dress then why not try one of the following as a subtler nod towards your Scottish roots?

- try choosing simple jewel coloured pieces in the shades of your family tartan

- Scottish flowers like heather and thistle could be incorporated into your bouquet and if this isn't possible you could wear a headpiece reminiscent of them

Tartan and Heather Wedding Tiara Jewelry

- Charles Rennie Mackintosh's work is full of inspiration - my Caitlin design is loosely based on his wonderful stylised roses and it could easily be modified to tie in with a CRM theme

Charles Rennie MacKintosh inspired tiara

- my Halo design is an understated yet unique headdress which works well for celtic and also grecian and medieval themes.

If you are having a truly scottish wedding then the menfolk will no doubt be sporting kilts so adding a little tartan to your look would be a nice touch.

You could have a wedding sash comprising of a beautiful flower on a tartan ribbon, or the same flower on a narrower ribbon could be tied around your wrist as a corsage.

Small flashes of tartan and colourful feathers could be added to a headdress - gorgeous with a sophisticated blusher veil - and for the tiniest tartan touch how about these delicate bow earrings!

Scottish Wedding Inspiration


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